Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Most Important Year in a Man's/Woman's Life - Wolgemuth & DeVries

The Most Important Year in Man's/Woman's Life:
What Every Groom/Bride Needs to Know

As Kevin and I approach our wedding day (this Saturday!), we have spent a lot of time investing in our future marriage.  This is one of several books that we read (or are reading) together.  This particular one, written by two married couples - Robert & Bobbie Wulgemuth and Mark & Susan DeVries - was recommended by our pastor and his wife as part of our premarital counseling.  Really, it is two books in one.  As you have probably already deduced, one half speaks specifically to the groom, while the other half is meant for the bride-to-be.

Each "side" has corresponding chapters on practical topics to prepare the couple for marriage.  Kevin and I really appreciated the practical insight that these authors had.  While some books speak in very general terms, Year is at least a little bit more specific.  I.e., "Your family history affects your marriage." vs. an entire chapter about making a personal "genogram" charting out patterns to watch for in your familial relationships.  We also appreciated that, while everything is Biblically based, the authors aren't quoting Scripture on every other line.  Some of the other books we read barely had a full page of normal text without being interrupted by quote blocks of Bible verses.  Obviously, we value this, but there is a point when we get the point and would rather the authors talk to us than quote at us.  

Overall, I do not have a whole lot to say about this book.  I feel like this is a painfully short review.  Our conclusion: this is a good book.  It has a slightly different approach than many of the other books of its kind. However, we also strongly recommend not using only one book.  Read several together as you prepare for marriage and get multiple opinions.  Ultimately, you will have to find the right balance for yourselves.  At least, that's what I am guessing.  I guess we will find out starting on Saturday!

Pages: 320
Date Completed: October 2012

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