Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Gammage Cup - Carol Kendall

The Gammage Cup
Title: The Gammage Cup
Author: Carol Kendall
Publication Date: 1959
Pages: 288
How I Found It: I read it as a child and have been searching for it for literally years. 
Date Completed: 5/5/17

Summary: The Minnipins have lived in their peaceful valley for centuries without disturbance. When a few social outsiders sense a threat, the natural order of things is threatened. 

What I Thought: This is such a great book. No surprise that it's a Newbery Honor book. Though it was written back in 1959, it has themes that feel so relevant today. Social acceptance, heroism, speaking truth to power...the messages of the book are still wise in 2017. And, it's still totally fun to read as an adult. 

It's a quick read. I read it in two days. It was the perfect thing to get my mind off of the AHCA passing the House. Escapist and inspirational all at once.

Thanks so much to sweet Monica at Newbery and Beyond for getting this book into my hands after so many years of searching for it. She was my #TBTBSanta this past year and I was so excited to find this book in my package from her. 

Now, I'm looking ahead to the other book that Kendall wrote about the Minnipins. I never read that one as a child and I'm eager to see if I like it as well, especially without the nostalgia pulling me to it. 

Rating: ★★★★☆
Will I Re-Read: Yes

A Reduced Review: A clever, inspiring children's story that has stayed with me for years. 


  1. So glad to hear you still enjoyed Gammage Cup as an adult! I have good memories of this book as well.