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The 39 Clues: Beyond the Grave - Jude Watson

The 39 Clues: Beyond the Grave
Title: The 39 Clues: Beyond the Grave
Author: Jude Watson
Publication Date: 2009
Pages: 190
How I Found It: Kevin and I have been listening through this series on road trips.
Date Completed: 7/1/17

Summary: Oh these crazy Cahill kids. This time, they're running around Egypt learning about ancient queens and goddesses. All still in the pursuit of their family secret and in avoidance of their dangerous relatives.

What I Thought: If you've been following Kevin's and my adventure through this series, you probably already know everything I'm going to say here. These books are cute, fun, and a bit ridiculous. 

The madness continues here. Once again, Amy and Dan are galavanting all over a foreign country with minimal supervision. How does everyone they run into speak English? Why does their nanny, Nelly, always let them go running off? Our main questions about these books have nothing to do with their main mystery.

At least in this one, Ay left behind her mildly incestuous relationship with her distant cousin. That was too much for us. Instead, the main character thrust of this book is centered on Amy and Dan's relationship with their late grandmother. I thought that was a nice focus and the author also used it well to advance the plot. It was a much nicer focus than weird cousin lovers. 

Beyond those comments, my verdict on the series remains the same. We are enjoying it. I love when Kevin attempts to make the same cat noises the narrator attempts. It is a riot. They are nice to listen to on our road trips. They are short and very easy listening. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Will I Re-Read: No, but we're gonna continue with the series
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A Reduced Review: The saga continues, thankfully focusing on more appropriate familial relationships in this installation. 

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