Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Let Nobody Turn Us Around - Manning Marable & Leith Mullings

Let Nobody Turn Us Around
Title: Let Nobody Turn Us Around: Voices of Resistance, Reform, and Renewal
Author: Manning Marable & Leith Mullings
Publication Date: 12/15/1999
Pages: 598
How I Found It: From a list of books recommended for better understanding racial issues in America
Date Completed: 9/27/17

Summary: A collection of essays, speeches, and other writings by African Americans throughout our country's history.

What I Thought: Reading through this anthology was so powerful. We each have such a limited perspective on the world, so reading the words of Americans who had vastly different American experiences than my own is important. 

Cognitively, I know the history of the African American experience. Yet, to read the words of those who lived it adds a dimension I could never grasp on my own. We need more books like this to help us understand each other, particularly as race remains such a fraught issue in our nation.

I appreciated that Marable and Mullings brought in a diversity of voices within the African American experience. They did not stick to one perspective or thought process. They celebrated all sorts of black voices and opinions - a healthy reminder that no one person can speak for a whole race of people.

This book isn't light reading, but its structure makes it easy to pick up and put down as needed. I appreciated the explanatory passages before each piece. They added important context and understanding for the words to follow. I would have liked more of those connecting passages. Also, my Kindle version was weirdly missing certain texts - perhaps because of specific copyright issues? I'm not sure why, but I was confused by their absence. I definitely recommend the book to you, regardless of your own background or American experience. There's something here for any reader to benefit from. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Will I Re-Read: Yeah, maybe
If You Liked This, Try: Just Mercy / The New Jim Crow / White Trash

A Reduced Review: An important collection that celebrates African American voices throughout American history. 

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