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The Three - Sarah Lotz

The Three
Title: The Three
Author: Sarah Lotz
Publication Date: 5/20/2014
Pages: 471
How I Found It: Unabridged Chick reviewed it a few months back.
Date Completed: 11/25/17

Summary: Four commercial airlines crash on the same fateful day. In three of the crashes, a young child miraculously survives. The premise of the book is a reporter investigating the events and what followed. 

What I Thought: I picked up this book because one of my favorite fellow book bloggers, Unabridged Chick, reviewed it a while ago. I was looking for something creepy to read around Halloween. While I didn't get this around the holiday, it still made for a creepy read over Thanksgiving. She has a fabulous review of the book, so you should definitely go read that (link above). 

I started this with Kevin as an audiobook. He lost interest really quickly and we switched to another option. I was intrigued, though; enough to keep reading the ebook version. Having experienced both formats to an extent, I definitely think the print version worked better for this book. The audiobook dragged, something Unabridged Chick warned. 

This book is definitely a little out there. The premise is that these plane crashes are regarded with suspicion and the world becomes engrossed in the details with many people devolving into conspiracy theories of all sorts. And, there may be something to those theories. 

I liked the setup. I enjoyed reading from the perspective of a reporter gathering information. It's a nontraditional way to tell the story, but I've always like this rough style. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I didn't find it amazing or shocking or anything, but it was good. I think Lotz wrote something unique and that's always to be applauded. You kind of just have to read it yourself to form your own opinion. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Will I Re-Read: Doubtful, but I plan to read the sequel.
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A Reduced Review: When four commercial planes crash on the same day and three children mysteriously survive, the world is captivated by their stories and what they may be hiding. 

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  1. I'm so glad you picked this one up! Let me know what you think of the sequel --my wife and I both decided not to give it a try based on lukewarm reviews, but I'll read it if you think it's worth it!