Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Take Tuesday: Ready Player One

Ready Player One
Some books are just so good, you have to read them again. And some books deserve a second chance. And some books I think about and change my opinion or have more to say. Take Tuesday is a chance to do just that. 

Title: Ready Player One
Author: Ernest Cline
Publication Date: 8/16/2011
Pages: 374
Previous Readings: October 2013
Date Completed This Time: 2/2/18

Summary: In a not-so-distant future, the world has been ravaged by fuel shortages. Most people spend their days plugged in to the OASIS, a virtual reality world that is increasing intertwined with the real world. When the creator of the OASIS dies, he leaves behind an intense scavenger hunt leading to control of his fortune and tech kingdom. 

What I Thought Before: I loved it. I found it fun and fast-paced and surprisingly interesting despite my lack of interest in the gaming world.

What I Think Now: Still loved it. Maybe even more this time around. It's been almost five years since the last time I read it, so I had forgotten a lot of the details. It kept things fresh for me and I was definitely still on the edge of my proverbial seat at times. I remembered the really big picture plot points, but much of the book felt new to me.

I'm really excited for the movie adaptation of this to come out. Nervous, but excited. There is so much potential here for a great movie, although I'm concerned about how much of it they will change. There is so much content and I'm concerned about how they are going to cut it down to it into an appropriate movie length.

I have recommended this book to a lot of people since I read it back in 2013. Reading it again, I was reassured that I can continue to stand by those recommendations. Even if you are not into the gaming world, this book is just fun. If you like 80s culture, you will be hooked instantly. But, even if you don't, Cline has written a solidly good book.The 80s culture and the gaming are the color on an already solid structure. 

Rating: ★★★★☆
Will I Re-Read: Yeah, quite possibly. 
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A Reduced Review: A delightfully fun science fiction adventure that has something for every reader, regardless of whether this is your typical genre or not. 

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