Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Litigators - John Grisham

The Litigators

If you read my last post, you already know that Kevin and I listened to this book together during our dual Michigan trips.  It's proven difficult to finish it up since, when not traveling, most of the time we spend in the car is short trips.  With the help of a multitude of wedding errands, though, we brought this case to a close. (Yes, that was a terrible law pun.  Please forgive me.)  I had never read a whole Grisham novel before, despite my former roommate's penchant for them, so this was a new experience for me.  It was also really interesting for Kevin and I to "read" a book together and be able to observe how we think about and react differently to the story.

Grisham spends a few chapters introducing us to his colorful collection of characters.  David Zinc, our hero, begins the novel by having a breakdown and dramatically leaving his job at a huge downtown law firm. Many hours and drinks later, David ends up in the law offices of Finley & Figg, where he takes a job.  Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are the epitome of slimy attorneys.  They are ambulance chasers (literally) and their personal lives are in shambles.  Their secretary is Rochelle Gibson, a former client and my favorite character.  David joins the firm.

Together, the crew takes on Varrick Labs in an attack on Krayoxx, a cholesterol drug.  The pace of the story increases and we are led down a path of blundering lawyers in way over their heads.  The tone is light-hearted for a law novel.  Grisham keeps the story interesting and the end is thoroughly satisfying.  

This book was pleasant and great for a road trip.  It was not too deep, but enough to keep us engaged and awake.  I doubt I will be rushing out to pick up another Grisham novel any time soon, but I can see the appeal.  The writing is better than that of other novel-a-year authors.  Grisham knows his audience and delivers what they want - a quick-paced story about the action of the courtroom.

Pages: 416
Date Finished: 6/7/2012

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