Sunday, January 6, 2019


It's hard to write this post. I've known it was coming for months now, but actually putting words to screen is tough. This will be my last post here (at least for the foreseeable future).

Any faithful reader of the blog knows my schedule has drastically changed and become much busier this year. That reality has not only decreased my time spent reading, but also the time I have available to write about my reading. One by one, I've had to drop things from my schedule this year. Read.Write.Repeat. is the next casualty. 

Seven years ago today, I started this blog with a goal to read 52 books in a year and share my thoughts about them. I've surpassed that goal every year since, sometimes by a long distance. I read every book on Modern Library's 100 Best Novels list. I've recommended hundreds of books to readers of all types. I've reviewed over 600 books. I've met incredible people and made friends. I've learned so much and been challenged and shaped by what I've read. It's been a wonderful ride.

Though this feels like the right time to say goodbye, doing so is bittersweet. I may pop in from time to time if I get that insatiable urge to share what I'm thinking about. I certainly won't stop reading. My Goodreads account will remain active and be the place that I share what I'm reading and do occasional short reviews. Make sure we're friends on there if you're interested in continuing to follow my reading habit. 

To all of my readers, thank you for making this journey such a fun, community-driven one. I'm thankful for every person who ever read my blog and especially those of you who made it a regular habit. You are my people and you mean the world to me. 

“Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading.” – Rainer Maria Rilke