Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Reading Programs

As a child, our library's summer reading program always ranked as a highlight of my summer.  My mom would take my sister and me to the library on the day it started and we would each take home a stack of books practically as big as we were.  Once home, we promptly built a blanket fort in either the living room or the backyard, depending on the weather.  We stayed in that fort until we finished the program.  Every year we were back at the library by the end of the week with our completed challenges and were given our prizes by skeptical librarians.  

Now having reached adulthood, one of the great disappointments of summer is the nonexistence and/or weakness of summer reading programs for adults.  The few that do exist typically have pretty sad prizes.  Ok, ok.  Adults probably should not need the same incentive-fueled reminders to read.  I certainly don't need them, but they are fun and quite a few adults I know could benefit from a good reason to read.

Our library is not offering any sort of program that I know of this year.  One of my coworkers did find a program through Tyndale Media Center, which is a Christian publisher.  If you read 5 books on their list and review them online over the course of the summer, you get a free book.  Not a bad deal.  The person who reads the most gets a gift card.  I cannot say that tons of the books on the list interest me, but I am going to take the challenge regardless.  I am not the type of person who turns down a chance to win a free book.

Do you know of any other online summer reading programs for adults?  I did a quick Google search but didn't turn up anything.  If I did a summer reading program on the blog, would you participate?  

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