Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heads in Beds - Jacob Tomsky

Heads in Beds:
A Reckless Memoir of Hotels,
Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality
I have had this book On Reserve for quite a while. It came out just under a year ago and caught my attention then. My weakness for behind-the-scenes information met my love for travel and I could not resist.

Jacob Tomsky has worked in the hospitality business for over a decade. He spent some time in low-level management, but most of his years were logged at the front desk of luxury hotels.

As anyone who has worked in any form of customer service, Tomsky has quite a few stories to tell. Much of the book is filled with these anecdotes about interactions between guests and hotel staff.

The rest of the pages are filled with that behind-the-scenes info promised in the book's promotional materials. Tomsky definitely has some interesting insight into a world that is mostly hidden from the traveler's eyes.

He also offers some good tips about how to get better service and the occasional upgrade. While most people are forever searching for some secret password that will get them a corner suite, it really all just boils down to two things: cash and kindness. Tip well and often. Be polite, gracious, and understanding. Those two things should take you very far. Assuming, of course, that the employee serving you is having a good day. According to Tomsky, though, a large bill should put them in a giving mood fairly quickly.

Relatively short, Heads in Beds is an indulgent, quick read. If you don't want to know the shortcuts housekeeping takes when cleaning your room or the things the front desk attendants say behind your back, you should probably skip this one. But, if you have a sense of humor, including being able to laugh at yourself, it's a fun read.

Pages: 247
Date Completed: October 16, 2013

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