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Keep Moving - Dick Van Dyke

Keep Moving
Title: Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths About Aging
Author: Dick Van Dyke
Publication Date: 10/13/15 - Today!
Pages: 256
Genre: Memoir / Self-Help / Nonfiction
How I Found It: NetGalley
Date Completed: 8/18/15

Summary: Dick Van Dyke shares his approach to aging gracefully and maintaining an active lifestyle long past the point when culture expects you to do so. 

What I Thought: Who doesn't like Dick Van Dyke? He's charming and vivacious, at least on television. And, I imagine, in real life - at least if his memoirs are any indication.

I read Van Dyke's earlier memoir, My Lucky Life, back in 2011. It was, in fact, the very first book I ever reviewed for this blog. How times have changed! I enjoyed his literary voice back then and did in this new memoir as well.

I found this guy on NetGalley. I don't know that a Van Dyke memoir is going to be getting tons of marketing at this point, so I was glad to have noticed it there. I enjoy these inside looks at the lives of celebrity personalities, particularly when told from their own perspective. 

I have to admit, I am not the intended audience for this book. While Van Dyke's previous memoir he centered on his career and the years of his life the public know best, here he focuses on aging. He talks about his experience with aging and how he has done his best to remain young at heart, a quality to which he attributes his longevity. I, obviously, know little about this subject matter at this point in my life and the whole process seems a long way away. Still, Van Dyke's philosophy doesn't need to wait until senior citizenship to be implemented.

I did feel there were a few sections where senility seemed closed than sanity and rationality. At one point, Van Dyke goes through the last 70 or so years and grades certain major events he experienced in his lifetime (Vietnam, September 11, etc.). This whole section felt really odd to me. Van Dyke's grades seemed either inherently obvious or entirely based on his personal opinion. 

Overall, though, the book is fun, light-hearted, and seems to be classic Van Dyke. I'm thrilled the cultural icon has lived so long and continued to grace us with his wit and charm. When his time does come, it will be a significant loss for the young at heart everywhere. 

Update: Here's a great NPR interview with Van Dyke about the book and his own methods for keeping young.

Quote I Loved: "Keep your inside child alive and well."

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Will I Re-Read: Not for many, many years
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Other Books By Dick Van Dyke: My Lucky Life

A Reduced Review: Van Dyke shares his thoughts and experiences on aging gracefully and staying young at heart throughout the process. 

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