Friday, January 8, 2016

Landline - Rainbow Rowell

Title: Landline
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Publication Date: 7/8/14
Pages: 310
Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Fiction
How I Found It: I'm a recent Rainbow Rowell convert.
Date Completed: 12/24/15

Summary: When an old landline phone connects Georgie to her past, she also finds a way to reconnect to her family and adjust her work-life balance.

What I Thought: Others in the book blogging community have been raving about Rainbow Rowell for years, but I did not pick up one of her books until this past year. I now am left to wonder what took me so long.

In general, I have tried to go into Rowell's books with minimal knowledge of the plots. I know I have talked about this lately, but I'm increasingly feeling that I enjoy books more sometimes when I go in mostly blind. It gives me a chance to get to know the characters and their predicaments without making predictions regarding their fates. In this case, all I really knew going in was that there was a landline phone that did something special. 

The phone in question actually ends up connectign Hollywood-comedy-writer protagonist Georgie to her husband...but her husband back before he was her husband. While staying in L.A. to work over Christmas, Georgie's husband takes her two girls to his home in Omaha. While they are separated, and definitely going through some marital issues, Georgie tries to call from an old landline phone at her mother's house. Instead of reaching the Neal of the present, she finds herself talking to Neal of 14 years previously, the one who has yet to propose marriage and become the father of her children. 

Rowell peppers the book with her sarcastic humor and realistic characters. The story is fun and engaging. More importantly, though, I absolutely loved the way this book celebrated marriage and centered around marital reconciliation and reconnection. So much modern media disparages the institution and we see far more about the breakdown of marriages than we do their restoration. Thus, I found it incredibly refreshing to read about two people coming back together after life has drawn them apart. Rowell makes a point of emphasizing that a good marriage requires consistent, hard work. I don't think I would have appreciated this book nearly as much before being married and it is evident that Rowell herself speaks from a place of knowledge. Marriage is hard, but so worth fighting for. I love that this book celebrates that reality.

I would not be surprised if I read this one again at some point. It really was a fun, quick read and I loved that there was a great message in the midst of the entertainment. I appreciate that Rowell has a different style and pace than most of her contemporaries. I think it gives her a unique niche, one which I plan to visit again. 

Quote I Loved: "Because he was a perfect fit for Georgie, even if she wasn't a perfect fit for him."
"just because I'm good at parties doesn't mean I like them."

Rating: ★★★★☆
Will I Re-Read: Very possible
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A Reduced Review: A fun ride and a quick ride, but don't miss the uplifting message between the lines of telephonic magic. 

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  1. I love Rainbow Rowell, especially her adult fiction novels like this one :)