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Grape, Olive, Pig - Matt Goulding

Grape, Olive, Pig
Title: Grape, Olive, Pig: Deep Travels Through Spain's Food Culture
Author: Matt Goulding
Publication Date: 11/15/16
Pages: 368
Genre: Food / Nonfiction
How I Found It: I got a copy courtesy of Harper Collins and TLC Book Tours.
Date Completed: 11/26/16

Summary: Goulding takes readers on another sumptuous journey, this time all across Spain.

What I Thought: Remember a couple months ago when I read and reviewed Rice, Noodle, Fish? You may recall how I gushed over Goulding's rich descriptions of both Japanese food and culture. After that delightful experience, you can imagine how I was to read this second installation in the Roads and Kingdoms series.

Thankfully, TLC Book Tours had be covered on that front. They and Harper Collins graciously provided me an advance copy of the book to read and review. My thoughts?

Goulding's prose is as on point as ever. The magic web he weaves over Spain is enchanting and tantalizing. It may make you want to scrap planning your trip to Italy and reroute to the Spanish countryside it did for me. I think we're still going to least until I get my husband to read the book. 

Matt Goulding
I must say - and I've never, ever said complained about this before - getting the advance copy of the book meant I got grainy, black and white photography as opposed to the gorgeous shots in Rice, Noodle, Fish. I'm used to small typos or even poor photography in ARCs, so usually it's no big deal. This is the first time ever that I've felt like the advance copy was really lacking in an important element of the book - and I've read a lot of ARCs. I was definitely disappointed by that. I totally understand why the advance copies weren't full color photography and glossy pages, but it did feel like I was missing and important piece of the experience. So much so that I plan to hunt down another copy of the book just to drool over the pictures.

I did not find myself quite as engrossed with every single word as I did with Rice, Noodle, Fish. I'm not sure if that's because the style and idea was not quite as fresh to me anymore, or because I have not yet personally been to Spain, or the lack of good pictures, or something else. Whatever the reason, I am confident it lies with me. This book is great and any food tourist should read it - whether you are planning a trip to Spain or not. It definitely put Spain much higher on my to-visit list, particularly the lesser known areas of it. 

Multiple times throughout the book, I wished Goulding would write such a piece for every country in the world. I would never stop reading and never be at home. Please, Matt?

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Quote I Loved: "If you ever walk into a bar here and wonder where the ladies are, they are busy holding the world together."

Rating: ★★★★☆
Will I Re-Read: Yes - especially if we ever go to Spain
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A Reduced Review: A delicious dive into the cuisine and culture of Spain; it will make you want to book a flight immediately. 

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  1. Books like this always make me yearn for a culinary vacation of my own.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!