Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Killing Lessons - Saul Black

The Killing Lessons
Title: The Killing Lessons
Author: Saul Black
Publication Date: 9/22/15
Pages: 400
Genre: Thriller / Fiction 
How I Found It: A student loaned it to me.
Date Completed: 4/23/17

Summary: A serial killer is on the loose, leaving tortured and disfigured corpses in his wake. Valerie Hart is on the case, but can barely keep her personal life together. Will she catch the killer before her depression and drinking catches her? 

What I Thought: I mentioned in one of my classes this semester how much I read. My students were more than a bit taken aback. As always, when I reveal my love for reading, people have recommendations. This time, one sweet student even brought me a copy of this book, which she had enjoyed recently. 

I think I've talked about this here before, but detective novels are not usually my thing. J. K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith's books are the only ones I have ever really enjoyed much. I mostly read detective novels via audio book while in the car with Kevin. They are one of the only genres that will hold his attention on long road trips. But, under the circumstances, I felt I should give this one a chance. 

My verdict? 

It was fine. It was as expected. 

I forget how graphically violent these books can be, but that was really the only thing that took me off guard. It was a detective novel and lived up to everything you might think comes with that. Protagonist who barely has her own life together, a manufactured, relatively predictable plot, weak characters. It was all there. Plus brutal depictions of violence against and anger toward women. 

If you like detective novels, I'm sure you'll like this one. It fits the bill well. For me, it served as a reminder why I don't often read these types of books and, when I do, I seek out ones that are better crafted or more outside the typical plot structure. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Will I Re-Read: Nope
If You Liked This, Try: The Cuckoo's Calling / Eeny Meeny / The Passenger

A Reduced Review: Bloody and twisted, this thriller lives up to the standard of modern detective novels with ease. 

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