Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Take Tuesday: Dust

Some books are just so good, you have to read them again. And some books deserve a second chance. And some books I think about and change my opinion or have more to say. Take Tuesday is a chance to do just that. 

Title: Dust
Author: Hugh Howey
Publication Date: 8/17/13
Pages: 458
Previous Readings: 2013
Date Completed This Time: 11/8/16

Summary: In the trilogy conclusion, work must be done across silos in order to save humanity. Characters from Silos 1, 17, and 18 join forces and defy expectations, hoping they can outwit the men who brought down the world. 

What I Thought Before: My original post about Dust is the most popular post ever on the blog. That makes me happy. Howey is still a relative unknown author and I'm glad to sing the praises of this series.

When I originally reviewed the book, I commented on how drawn out things seemed to be in this finale. I did not notice that as much this time, but maybe that's because I knew all the pieces that had to be put into place before the real ending. Overall, though, I raved about the book and encouraged everyone to go out and get a copy.

What I Think Now: I still feel that way, although not quite as ardently. The series reads just as well the second time around and I still love supporting independent authors. I'm surprised this series has not gained more traction in the three years since I first read it. I know Ridley Scott optioned the movie rights, but I have yet to see much along the lines of development. 

This is a great series and I definitely still recommend it. It's unique and well-written with wonderful, complex characters. All my previous thoughts and praise still stand. 

Rating: ★★★★☆
Will I Re-Read: Yes, probably
If You Liked This Try: Station Eleven The Dead Lands The Passage
Other Books By Hugh Howey: Wool / Shift

A Reduced Review: A fitting, if extensive ending to one of my favorite dystopian series. 

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