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Talking as Fast as I Can - Lauren Graham

Talking as Fast as I Can
Title: Talking as Fast as I Can
Author: Lauren Graham
Publication Date: 11/29/16
Pages: 224
Genre: Memoir / Nonfiction
How I Found It: I'm a Gilmore Girls fan.
Date Completed: 2/12/17

Summary: Lauren Graham looks back at her life and career, including her time working on Gilmore Girls. Her bubbly, funny personality shines through and you'll wonder at times if Graham or Lorelai Gilmore wrote the book.

What I Thought: If you ever had any doubts about Lauren Graham's similarities to Lorelai Gilmore, this book will dissipate them for you. Her voice is so reminiscent of that of her well-loved character. Of course, they have different stories to tell, but they share a lot of tone and humor. That makes this book really fun to read.

This is a quick, entertaining read. Graham recounts how she got into acting, her memories from Gilmore years (both old and new), and some thoughts of a variety of other topics. There is a great stretch where she (as "Old Lady Jackson") talks about the importance of looking up from our phones. I thought that section was some of the best writing of the book. 

If you came for gossip, it's not here. She steers very clear of anything controversial - including the Palladinos unceremonious exit from Gilmore Girls. The section on the original run of the show really is pretty short. I had hoped for more behind the scenes info and reflections on her experience. It was seven years, after all. What she does give is interesting, but I would have a read a whole book of her just talking about the details of those years. Her chapter on the new iteration of Gilmore was much more in-depth, probably because it was so recent. I really enjoyed that section and appreciated her thoughts on the plot without giving out spoilers (a tricky task, to be sure!). 

This is a fun, fast read. If you're a fan of Graham's or of Gilmore or Parenthood (which gets even fewer pages than the original Gilmore run), you'll enjoy this one. You can knock it out in a day - especially if you are laying by the pool or curled up on a rainy/snowy day. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Will I Re-Read: Probably not
If You Liked This, Try: Yes Please / Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? 
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A Reduced Review: Graham's reflections on life and her most well-known roles are fun and entertaining and a very fast read. 

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