Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017 Chapter

Welcome to the Read.Write.Repeat. monthly wrap-up.  Every month, I give a quick overview of what books I read, the progress made on the 100 Best Novels goal, a few book-related links, and general blog news.  

February News 

Last month, I talked about my struggle with the dichotomy of real life vs. the political upheaval. I'm still struggling with that, but this past month has been the closest to "normal" that I've felt since November. I'm learning how to channel my anxiety into productive outlets, like activism and exercise. So, that's good. Especially since our regular life has been a bit upturned in the past month

Kevin continues to be insanely busy with his MBA work and real work. We have very little time together, which is hard. But, the end is in sight and I'm so excited for when he finished the program this summer. I'm so proud of his hard work, especially since he doesn't have an insatiable love of learning like I do. This isn't a fun process for him, but he's working his butt off and doing an amazing job.

Life has been a bit of a three-ring circus this month. We're pushing through one day at a time and everything feels a bit in flux. However, we're making it and savoring the small moments as they come. Small moments, like those that come with a book. There have been a lot of those. Since Kevin is so busy, I've been able to read some great books this month.

Books Reviewed

  1. Golden Son - Pierce Brown
  2. Catherine the Great - Robert K. Massie
  3. Gilded Cage - Vic James
  4. The Passenger - Lisa Lutz
  5. Under the Net - Iris Murdoch
  6. Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith (J. K. Rowling)
  7. The Death of the Heart - Elizabeth Bowen
  8. The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu - Joshua Hammer

Books Read

  1. White Trash - Nancy Isenberg
  2. Game of Crowns - Christopher Andersen
  3. Sophie's Choice - William Styron
  4. Talking as Fast as I Can - Lauren Graham
  5. Midnight's Children - Salmon Rushdie
  6. Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari
  7. The Alexandria Quartet - Lawrence Durrell
  8. Gold Fame Citrus - Claire Vaye Watkins
  9. Wesley the Owl - Stacey O'Brien
  10. Faith Shift - Kathy Escobar
  11. The Buried Giant - Kazuo Ishiguro
Pages Read: 4,543

Favorite Book Read: There were several good ones this month, but I cannot stop thinking and talking about White Trash

2017 Monthly Goals 

One of my goals this year is to read 6 books every month:
  • 100 Best Novels 
    Sophie's Choice - William Styron
    Midnight's Children - Salmon Rushdie
    The Alexandria Quartet - Lawrence Durrell
    86% complete with total challenge 
  • 1 Faith-Centered or Philosophical Book 
    Faith Shift - Kathy Escobar
  • 1 Nonfiction 
    White Trash - Nancy Isenberg
    Game of Crowns - Christopher Andersen
    Wesley the Owl - Stacey O'Brien

Elsewhere Online...

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Tomorrow, I'm sharing a new Let's Talk About... post regarding ways to stay engaged and informed in our chaotic political climate. I hope I'll see you back then! I'd love to know how you are staying informed and where you are going for less biased coverage. Until then...

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